Switched to Hugo

For some reason, my old website based on Jekyll can no longer be compiled. Perhaps it is due to changes in the Jekyll version or some dependency bundles of the theme I use. Anyways, instead of spending hours cracking Ruby codes, I decided to completely migrate my website from Jekyll to Hugo.

The new site is largely based on the CodeIt theme, with some color and layout tweaks. I would say it looks quite similar to the old Jekyll theme but has several cool features.

  • First, it supports multiple languages, though the Chinese site still needs much more work. En misschien kan ik een Nederlandse versie in de toekomst toevoegen?
  • Then, it has built-in dark mode, which makes the site easy on the eyes in the night.
  • Another good thing about the theme is that it comes with a search function. Now it is not really helpful given the only few posts I have. So it is more for the future.

The migration process itself is a little bit more tedious than I expected. Unlike Jekyll, GitHub Pages (where I host the site) does not generically support Hugo. So some extra efforts are needed so that future updates to the website can run smoothly. I mainly follow the advice from two blog posts here and here.