A Short Biography of the Site

Here is a short biography of my personal website.


This is a personal website of Shihao Yu.


This website is:

  • A dynamic display of my profile
  • A real-time documentation of my (academic) life


The idea of establishing my personal website came into being at the same time when I started contacting my supervisor Albert J. Menkveld during the summer of 2016. The first time I saw Albert’s personal website, I was so impressed by its rich and dynamic content that I immediately wish to have a similar one of my own. Indeed, a personal website provides much more information than a pure CV to the viewer.

Following the advice of Bart Yueshen, I initially built my personal website on Wordpress. However, I turned to Jekyll soon afterwards. There are two reasons for the swift “defect”: first, Jekyll is totally flexible in that every single element of the website is “typed” by myself. While the flexibility enables me to create nearly any content and style, I paid a lot for a steeper learning curve. But thanks to Jekyll, I was forced to learn some basics of HTML and CSS, which is potentially beneficial. Second, Jekyll is a blog-aware and static site generator which matches my needs perfectly. After all, blogs are the main content of this website and its static nature guarantees a smooth experience for the viewers.